Brightline Interactive is a digital services agency. We design and produce award-winning gesture and touch experiences for national brands by combining creativity + media + technology.

  • Campaigns
  • Sample Screens
  • Social Machines
  • Brands
  • Behind The Scenes

We create, promote, and install fun, easy-to-use games, activities, and visualizations that connect people to brands.

  • Strategy and Creative
  • Environmental UX Design
  • Touch & Gesture Sensors
  • Arduino Integration
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • Social Media API, Biometric, and RFID Integration
  • Media Production
  • Activation Promotion and PR
  • Installation and Support
  • Analytics and Reporting

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Avengers Land In Times Square With Marvel Exhibition

New pop-up exhibition & store, at the Discovery Times Square Center, is Marvel's way of touting its Avenger series

Brightline Interactive Joins DC’s Unity Meetup to Talk Gaming, Advertising Monday Night

Senior Designer and Game Designer of digital agency to share insights with WAUUG.

Brightline’s Erik Muendel to talk Converged Media, Corporate Communications at JMU’s SMAD Day 2014

JMU’s alum and digital agency CEO/CCO to return to campus for remarks and resume reviews at SMAD Day 2014.

Post 911 GI Bill at VA HQ

Brightline is once again joining 5-hour ENERGY Sampling for their national mobile marketing tour which includes NASCAR races, marathons, state fairs, and entertainment events. Check out the video of our work with them from 2012.