Brightline creations are bold, scalable and contagious. They prolong consumer-to-brand conversations. Consumers are drawn to interact, share the experience and be connected.


Design: Our work is innovative, strategic and dynamic. Consumers see our activations as “attraction vs. promotion.”


Build: Integration through our own in-house software with custom-built hardware, we create seamless, dynamic experiences.


Install: We assemble all experiences on-site, providing support and data capture.

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Activation Map

We activate at the largest stages in the U.S.



  • marvel
  • pepsi
  • chevrolet
  • toyota
  • att
  • AmerAirlines
  • 3M
  • doritos
  • geico
  • htc
  • nissan
  • 5hour
  • sportsillustrated
  • tostitos
  • AAA
  • WestVAUni
  • UniTennesse
  • Wisconsin
  • ArizonaUni
  • GeorgeTownUni
  • wasserman
  • 360i
  • redeg
  • img
  • BBDO

Charitable & Strategic Partnerships

Raising public awareness for our nation’s coal miners through scholarships, events, and media.

Helping fund a cure for pediatric spinal cord cancer.