Brightline’s Three “Must-See” Activations

March 25, 2015

Place-based digital activations aren’t distractions – they are intricate experiences designed to immerse consumers in a branded environment to create a memorable conversation. These can happen anywhere. But one thing successful activations have in common is they include the consumer in the story. The following activations have the authenticity, share-factor and brand relevance intrinsic to all successful digital activations while making the consumer the chief story architect.

To tap into a passionate consumer segment, look no further than sporting events. Fans carry a sense of camaraderie and commitment, emotions that brands require. Chevrolet, an official sponsor of Major League Baseball, activated a brand experience at the 2013 World Series in St. Louis that not only engaged the evangelists, but parlayed that unbridled enthusiasm into a meaningful brand connection. Brightline created the Chevy Home Run Derby, giving fans an opportunity to take their swings with an accelerometer-enabled wooden bat against a virtual pitcher. Each individual experience was displayed on a jumbo screen overlooking historic Busch Stadium. Participants left with personalized digital baseball cards, creating a shareable moment that inserted them into the ongoing Chevrolet story.


The Super Bowl brings together some of the most passionate sports fans in the world. Thus, the level of brand interaction at this event is elevated exponentially. Super Bowl activations are must-experience entertainment, particularly our Verizon activations at Super Bowl XLIX. The ultimate fan fantasy is meeting their favorite player, asking them a burning question and obtaining a personalized autograph. That dream was realized through the Verizon Power Touch and Player Chat experiences. Responsive, life-size 3D player avatars gave fans the interaction they desired and captured it for immediate bragging rights. Every fan’s favorite team and players were available in one footprint, like the one-stop-shop NFL Mobile app. Consumers lived their dream, but within the Verizon brand context.

The third “must-see” activation is the Oculus Rift distracted driving experience for Toyota’s Teen Drive 365 campaign. Virtual reality is the star experience of the moment, allowing brands to integrate a new immersion into their consumer experiences. Toyota wanted to create an experience that effectively supported their Teen Drive campaign messaging at the 2015 North American International Auto Shows – one that didn’t just tell people about the perils of distracted driving, but physically put them in a situation to understand the gravity of their actions. Brightline physically put consumers behind the wheel of a Corolla and had them navigate a 3D environment full of audio and visual distractions. The experience delivered a message more effectively than any other means.

Digital interactivities draw crowds, foster contagion and engage them through today’s most fascinating technologies. But, it’s not meaningful if they don’t come away further ingrained in the brand’s DNA.

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