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We are digital pathfinders – helping clients navigate immersive technology through various services including:

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Virtual Reality-as-a-Service

Our VRaaS product platform offers a suite of virtual architecting tools which enable a non-technical user to build and customize their own training scenario.

Augmented Reality-as-a-Service

We build and configure network Augmented Reality platforms anchored to the physical world in both form and function.

Celebrity AR

Our patented Celebrity AR experience brings fans closer to their favorite artists and athletes than ever before. With over half a billion social media impressions generated, Celebrity AR experiences have become a cornerstone of leveraging immersive tech to drive brand engagement.

Custom Tech

Brightline offers a variety of custom tech capabilities. From location-based digital interactive experiences to fully immersed simulations.

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Together we can build a comprehensive plan for adopting an immersive and advanced technology strategy at an enterprise level.

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Virtual Reality

Our VR solutions totally immerse the user in an environment that is memorable, personal, embodied and collaborative.    

    - VRaaS

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Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality solutions enhance user experience and interaction across a variety of industries.

    - ARaaS    

    - Celebrity AR

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Location-Based Experiences

For brands, we create custom location-based digital experiences that drive consumer engagement. From the Super Bowl and World Cup to metropolitan storefronts, these experiential marketing platforms are scalable, shareable, and measurable.

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Simulation & Training

For simulation and training, we immerse users in photorealistic, sensor enabled virtual environments.

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We are constantly in motion. From how we engage online in virtual environments to on-site activations, Brightline holds the key to understanding remarkable new forms of connectivity. Our work has taken us to the largest stages in entertainment and the nation’s top defense programs. Brightline is trusted to scale, share, and measure results.
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