Custom Technology

Brightline Interactive provided interactive, social stations that included branded content from various shows for NBC’s Fanfest. We provided a user interface that allows consumers to register their personal information to access a microsite that will host their personalized content captures.

American Ninja Warrior Photo Capture Compilation Application

Participants raced against the clock to compete in this challenging inflatable ninja course while two photos are captured of the user in action during the course. As the participant ends the course, they recreated the show’s final task by ceremoniously slamming a button. Just like in the show, smoke appeared and a 3 photo GIF is captured creating a show worthy, sharable photo opportunity.

The Voice Single Camera Single Photo Capture

Users had the ability to experience what it’s like to be the judge with a replica chair that mimics the show’s drama at the moment a judge hits their button. Users had the option of having their photo taken and select from a tablet prior to the experience, a branded border overlay.

World of Dance 120 Degree Camera Array

This experience allowed the user to capture a 90-120 degree video file with branded overlay.

Little Big Shots Single Camera Single Photo Capture

At this station, users were able to sit on the couch with host, Steve Harvey, and grab a still photo.

America’s Got Talent Single Camera Single Photo Capture

At this station, NBC showcased some of the most iconic memorabilia from past performances. Replica props and costumes ranging from juggled chainsaws, swords swallowed and crazy costumes were made available for a photo opp with the AGT judges.

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