MVTE - Multiverse
Training Environment

An I/ITSEC 2022 Special Event / Demo

Unique Demonstration of the convergence of Spatial
Platforms, 5G, Cloud/Edge Integration & Deep Tech

Training Environment

An innovative end-to-end demonstration of cloud-based, no-code, content authoring extending to full-motion vehicle simulation with real time live control tools. MVTE provides an example of how these technologies come together to deliver real-time multi-player immersive experiences over a 5G network powered by cloud / edge computing.

The MVTE demo was an official NTSA-sponsored event at the I/ITSEC conference, which contained scheduled demonstrations for the different services, a Senior Leaders panel, and other various activities with the intention to drive MVTE-based solutions towards government users' mission goals.

I/ITSEC 2022 Highlights

MVTE - Multiverse Training Environment
One of I/ITSEC 2022’s Focus Events is the launch of I/ITSECverse, an evolving collaboration involving defense stakeholders and government users, industry partners and the I/ITSEC conference focusing on metaverse capabilities.

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MVTE Collaborators & Partners

MVTE Contributors

MVTE contains a variety of technologies and industry partners working together to create a technological ecosystem combining network, cloud, edge and immersive technologies to provide new platforms and innovative solutions for immersive training.
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Brightline Interactive architects and deploys fully immersive, interactive experiences to enhance operations, maintenance, and training by providing technology that enables the integration of the human, physical, and digital worlds.

We are able to provide real time / multi-user cross platform scenario authoring tools that enable true global collaboration, persistent 3D content, and fully immersive simulations.

Our authoring tools include: dynamic training environments, digital twin optimizations, as well as integration with AI models for automated authoring and optimization.
The MVTE demonstration is enabled by AT&T's Private Cellular Network solution, a non-public wireless 5G LTE network optimized for sensitive data and mission critical operations. This is the cornerstone technology that enables the experience to be multi- user at ultra low latency.

The solution is deployed with dedicated equipment which provides device and data capacity and includes built-in security & controls. Cellular connectivity enables increased device density, improved latency and performance, and more reliable coverage over the breadth of your footprint. Built-in administrative and operational controls allow the network to restrict and manage how / which devices connect to your private local 5G LTE network with private SIMs.
The core of the modular functionality of this demonstration is being shown through virtual scene authoring capabilities, built on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. This Omniverse-powered Authoring opens pipelines directly to end customers, industry developers / creators and academia.

NVIDIA Omniverse, an extensible platform based on Universal Scene Description (USD) enables individuals and teams to build custom 3D pipelines and simulate large-scale virtual worlds faster than ever. Omniverse enables creators and consumers to work together in training, simulation, development and design, digital twins, deep learning, AI, and a wide variety of other mission-critical use cases.
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The MVTE Demonstration used Microsoft Azure to deploy cloud hosted virtual machines and edge based Azure service solutions to be able to stream content directly to the users headsets. Leveraging these solutions allows MVTE to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of offloading graphics rendering compute from each trainee station.

The Azure cloud platform is more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help you bring new solutions to life - to solve today's challenges and create the future.

Azure Stack Edge helps you address latency or connectivity issues by processing data close to the source. Azure can run applications at remote locations to speed transactions and address bandwidth constraints.
The Eight360 NOVA is a revolution in immersive simulation platforms. Designed to be practical, portable, convenient and customizable. NOVA enables you to deliver sensational experiences and safety-critical training on demand - anywhere, anytime.

NOVA is a "virtual vehicle" - able to put you inside a realistic VR environment, but also has the ability to recreate the necessary sensations to fully immerse the user. Combining the latest in immersive reality systems, with a unique design allowing full 360 degree range of motion, the platform delivers a more immersive and visceral experience, leading to more engagement and better learning outcomes.

The NOVA's revolutionary design has a footprint of less than 10 square feet and a net weight of about 1,400lbs, allowing it to be deployed and relocated with ease. The NOVA has the ability to rotate an unlimited 360 degrees at a top speed of 180deg/second and acceleration to top speed in 1 second (180deg/s/s).
UE5 enables game developers and creators across industries to realize next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility than ever before. With a DNA focusing on immersive and stimulating virtual worlds, Unreal Engine is a great way to kick start Simulator developments and save time.

Unreal Engine is not only providing the most efficient window to the synthetic environments but is also allowing simulation providers to define true to life dynamics, interoperable communications and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence behaviors. Unreal Engine allows creators of simulation applications to accelerate their developments, kick start complex and scalable projects without having to reinvent the wheel or to get stuck with a proprietary technology.
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The MVTE Demonstration leveraged Varjo's XR-3 mixed reality headset with photorealistic video passthrough, integrated gaze and hand tracking capabilities, and custom-fit comfort that maximizes immersion for even the longest sessions. The XR-3 provides true-to-life mixed reality experiences powered by super low-latency, 12-megapixel video pass-through technologies that blend the real and virtual seamlessly together. Offering the industry's highest resolution (over 70ppd) and widest field of view (115°), the XR-3 uniquely enables easy switching between mixed reality and fully virtual environments. And, with the broadest-ever color gamut matching 99% with sRGB and 93% with DCI-P3 color space, you can generate the most realistic immersive scenarios ever produced. Varjo's broad software compatibility, built-in developer tools (Varjo Lab Tools), and exploratory features like inside-out tracking (available in beta) offer flexibility and quick scalability for deployments.
RAVE Computer provides innovative solutions through optimized, purpose-built compute. The RenderBEAST™ features whisper-quiet compute to power your most GPU and CPU intensive Simulation and Training immersive experiences, with a bundled option that includes the HMD of your choice and all peripherals in a customized, one person lift solution.

MVTE Key Differentiators & Unique Value Add

The MVTE technologies allow non-technical instructors, users and decision makers to have full control and create custom training scenarios for multiplayer simulations and to deploy those scenarios to multiple users connected to a network. Scenarios are able to be created through a no-code UX/UI thanks to centralized access to 3D content in the cloud (Azure Cloud) and are able to be streamed with low latency thanks to remote rendering on edge servers (Azure Stack Edge) and the overarching 5G network. Created scenarios are saved to the cloud and ad the edge along with additional 3D content. This allows customers to create and reuse scenarios without having to to outside companies / developers every time they need new scenarios.

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For more information regarding the MVTE Demo here at the I/ITSEC 2022 conference, please reach out to:
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