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Our immersive technology solutions are designed to be experienced on a global scale. For commercial enterprise, we optimize communication channels in unforgettable formats. For simulation and training, we accelerate the transfer of knowledge through enhanced levels of awareness. Through strategic partnerships, we gain first access to new forms of technology and provide a tactical edge to explore new capabilities.

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Who We Are

At Brightline, our purpose is to significantly advance the technology ecosystem. From concept and ideation all the way through to deployment, Brightline ventures with you into the future. 

Everything that we do stems from the tone and culture that has been established within Brightline. Our mission and vision are continuously formed by our skilled professionals who collaborate and share ground-breaking knowledge and contextual awareness. 

Since 2004, Brightline has been developing award winning interactive experiences and simulations using a variety of cutting-edge technologies for both the government and commercial sectors. 

Our in depth knowledge of the technology and extensive partnership network uniquely positions Brightline as a collective of digital pathfinders. Internally, we have a mantra: FOR THE GLORY. It’s the reason and the rationale behind how we operate. For the glory of being able to create, to invent, and to complete. This is a desire to achieve and a dedication to the craft. Often we’re proving something nobody has ever seen.


Meet The Team

Tyler Gates
General Manager
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Tyler has spent over a decade as a visionary for immersive technology, spatial computing, and the exploration of the human experience in the virtual world. He loves the idea that there are endless possibilities with creative technologies and has spent his career building companies that passionately believe the same thing.  His technological prowess, in conjunction with his aptitude for behavioral psychology, enables him to seamlessly translate client needs into tangible concepts, through the use of immersive technology for training, consumer branding and enterprise solutions. He has adapted the company’s award-winning, highly immersive and interactive technology and under his leadership, Brightline’s highly skilled team of Creative Technologists guide clients through the effective adaptation of deep technologies, in order to allow organizations to thrive in a rapidly changing technology-driven world.

Erik Muendel
Creative Director
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Erik has been a national leader in the creative technology industry for over 20 years and has a proven executive management track record, and over 20 years of experience as a national leader, in the digital marketing industry, focusing on innovative technology and user experience.

Currently, Erik oversees the wholistic creative process from concept brainstorming to activation installation. He has earned recognition as one of DC Inno’s 50 on Fire, which is a testament to his natural drive for creative solutions and leadership.

Jason Powers
Chief Creative Technologist
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Jason has over 20 years experience in development, with a focus on interactive applications and blending cutting edge technologies to create great user experiences. An avid traveler and learner, Jason has built his career across the globe, and lived and worked in China. Jason has experience developing and overseeing VR, AR, touchscreen, mapping, and geolocation projects.  Jason is passionate about software development, and considers his career one of the best paid hobbies ever.

Sara Allen
EVP, Global Solutions
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Sara is a strategic marketer with 10 years of experience creating, producing and leading innovative marketing campaigns and events for some of the biggest brands in the country. Her ability to quickly determine a client’s needs allows her to discover, manage, and deliver strategic offerings and services that exceed expectations. With her passion for people, Sara truly enjoys leading teams and overseeing all aspects of the client service and production departments.

Alex Mellinger
EVP, Strategic Growth
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Robert Dough
EVP, Products and Partnerships
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Vicki Sweet
VP, Strategic Initiatives & Staff Operations
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Andrew Kasinski
VP, Strategic Solutions
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Daniel Santos
EVP, Global Strategy
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Nasrin Noory
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Mike O'Brien
Director, Immersive Solutions
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Teddy Magrane
Marketing & Strategic Growth Specialist
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Rob Madelmayer
VP, Global XR Sales
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Demetrios Soutsos
Frameworks & Systems Engineer
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Liz Shaw
Employee Relations Specialist
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Ryan Scott
Operations Manager
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Amre Amer
Senior Immersive Technologist
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Peter Locharernkul
Immersive Technologist
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Nnamdi Okpuzor
Immersive Technologist
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Danny O'Dea
Immersive Technologist
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Keith Boylan
Principal Technical Artist
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Natt Vatanasuchart
Immersive Experience Designer
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Liv Sadler
Immersive Experience Designer
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Lynne Calligaro
Senior Immersive Producer
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Bobby Frost
Immersive Producer
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Piper Montesi
Immersive Producer
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American Advertising Awards

Toyota / Burrell  “Make Your Mark”  2015
Trust for the National Mall  “WWII Memorial Mobile App”  2014
Army National Guard / RedPeg  “Epic: Remix Your Future”  2012
Army National Guard / RedPeg  “Moments of Pride”  2011
Army National Guard / RedPeg  “Relief Mission Challenge”  2009
National Park Service /  Henninger Media Services “Selma to Montgomery”  2008
Paul Pierce /  Excel Sports Management “Paul Pierce Official Site”  2004
Lamar Odom / Excel Sports Management “Lamar Od0m Official Site”  2004
American Advertising Awards  “Best In Interactive”
Army National Guard / RedPeg  “Relief Mission Challenge”  2009

Davey Awards

Samsung / Warner Brothers / PMK-BNC “Suicide Squad Experience
Comic Con San Diego”  2017PepsiMAX / MKTG “MAX Facts iPad Trivia”   2012
Capital One Bank / IMG  “Washington Capitals Spot the Difference”   2012

Communicator Awards

Lifetime / Pearl Media  “Witches of East End”   2014
SSA / Axiom Resource Management  “ChooseWork.net”   2009

DC Inno 50 on Fire

Brightline Interactive   2015
Erik Muendel, Founder & Executive Creative Director   2014

Event Marketer – Best Places to Work

Brightline Interactive   2015

Horizon Interactive Awards

Cub Cadet / RedMoon “Signature Cut VR”  2017
Department of Defense / Cubic  “U.S. Constitution Course”  2006
National Park Service / Henninger Media Services  “Centennial Initiative”  2006
EWeek Foundation / Caliber Systems   “Discover Engineering”  2005
Horizon Interactive Awards “Best in Category” (Govt)
U.S. Army / MPRI / L-3  “Faces of Strength”  2009

Our Brands

Our Government Customers