KPIs for Your Digital Advertising Experiences

Jay Selig, Marketing Manager Brightline Interactive
May 17, 2015

Return on investment. Every brand marketer wants it, regardless of the brand, the category or the media platform. For place-based digital advertising experiences, translating success into material impact is too often open to interpretation. Digital creators must be savvier within the broader media landscape, finding new ways to generate value, as Erik Muendel mentioned is his article “Talk Nerdy to Me.” How then can you generate value that translates into a real KPI?

Frequently, measurements of success overlap and are applied across several projects. Those metrics translate well and provide a strong basis of comparison between those projects. However, customizing metrics and tracking project-specific data adds an additional layer of depth to your analytics and furthers the brand story. Phizer’s “Advil Relief in Action” made 100 stops in 28 weeks, taking a mobile relief center to local and national events. Focused on quality interactions and sample giveaways, consumers said that following their brand experience they were 88% more likely to purchase Advil. While this statistic doesn’t monetize per se, it provides valuable insight that bolsters the brand story and validates the investment – or forces a re-evaluation of the brand experience.

Another ROI element of digital advertising experiences is the ability to prolong interactions with consumers. Protracted, interactive experiences deliver a stronger impact than a traditional media ad. The challenge, therefore, is creating an experience that creates the ideal dwell time – one that effectively immerses consumers in a branded environment and is best suited for ongoing storytelling across social and earned media platforms. Touchscreen experiences or a custom application like “Sweeper” for UNMAS can take consumers on a virtual journey while tracking their interactive time. Knowing how long consumers participate not only gives brands valuable engagement statistics, but allows them to adjust to better suit the consumer in future versions or other experiences.

User-generated content is an essential element of digital experiences – one that creates a personal connection and earned media. Every brand experience has a goal of engaging consumers and delivering a sustainable brand message, but ultimately that message needs to resonate and expand in order for it to be effective. Creating opportunities for consumers to share their experience – whether it’s a branded image, video, or certificate of completion – holds significant value for brands. First, you reap the rewards of content endorsement – which in itself is a crucial measurement of ROI. The ancillary effect of those impressions is the trust you build based on a shared consumer-to-brand experience. According to a survey by Bazaarvoice, 86% of Millennials see user-generated content as an indicator of brand or service quality, while 84% of Millennials say that user-generated content has an impact on their purchase decision. Make it a priority – the numbers speak for themselves.

Ultimately, creating a shareable experience is the cost of entry for all digital creators. It’s the creativity and willingness to peel back the layers of analytics that will demonstrate your true value – while amping up the earned media potential.

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