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Drive engagement with audiences all over the world with our patented immersive AR experience
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Deploy seamlessly on any screen, venue, or mobile device

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Demonstrate Value & Maximize ROI

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Generate new revenue streams
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Swap content for any marketing initiative
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Add sponsorship branding and virtual autographs
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Measureable Success

Increase Your Brand Engagement


Social shares within the first 30 days


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Countries reached within 1.5 year campaign
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Case Studies

Trusted By Many

Image highlighting the on-site experience at the Dallas Cowboys stadium

Dallas Cowboys
Pose with the Pros

Wasserman | AT&T

Image highlighting the on-site kiosk for Looney Tunes

Pose With The Tune Squad

AT&T | Warner Brothers

Behind the scene image of the Dirk Nowitzki shoot

Pose With Dirk Nowitzki

The Playmakers Group

Image of shareable content from the Karol G kiosk experience

Pose With Karol G


On-site image of the Blackhawks PoseWith kiosk

Pose With The Bulls & Blackhawks

AT&T | United Center

On-site image of the Imagine Dragons PoseWith shareable

Pose With The Band

Red Peg | Live Nation | Imagine Dragons

Explore Our Ecosystem

On-site image of fan interacting with the Cowboys PoseWith kiosk

Pose With

Personalized AR photo experience accessed on any screen, venue, or the user's mobile device
Image from virtual postcard project for the state of Rhode Island

Pose With: AR Filters

A low-lift mobile AR backdrop experience deployed on any app or webpage
Image of using AR to place a 3D celebrity in your personal space

Pose With: 3D

Capture anyone in 3D for seamless integration into any AR experience, including AR games, VR content, or interactive displays


The creators of the original AT&T Dallas Cowboys Pose with the Pros Experience that generated over half a billion impressions within the first 30 days.

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