Scalable and interoperable spatial computing and AI tools, revolutionizing the convergence of training, maintenance, operations, and autonomous systems

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An Enterprise-Level

Spatial Computing Platform

A unified command interface that leverages a multitude of artificial intelligence and decision making toolsets for your specific requirements.
SpatialCore command interface example
Image of the interface for SpatialCore indicating the different toolsets available

Built for Readiness

Leverage the many features of Spatial Core to ensure you are prepared for the advancement into spatial computing and artificial intelligence


Leveraging USD to bring AI to 3D

The integration of Open Universal Scene Description (USD) and AI enables intelligent scene creation and real-time data analysis within complex 3D environments.

This synergy automates workflows, enhances visualizations, and drives more accurate, data-driven decision-making.
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Close up of user collaboration tools inside SpatialCore

Real-time collaboration

Multiple users can interact and work together in shared virtual environments, enhancing teamwork and productivity by enabling seamless communication, and joint problem-solving.
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AI Workflows to enhance understanding

Streamline the integration of advanced AI tools to automate data analysis, enabling you to leverage insights through synthetic environments.
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Closeup of AI toolsets inside the SpatialCore ui window
Closeup of the Asset Library in SpatialCore highlighting the "no-code" toolsets we have available

No code toolsets supporting digital twins

Empowering users to design, modify, and deploy complex digital twins and enhancing mission prep with realistic, interactive simulations.
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Scalability at the edge with remote rendering

Establish meaningful immersive experiences by rendering simulations and virtual training in the cloud.

This removes the reliance on powerful local hardware in order to provide the complex 3D graphics required for high-quality visuals and minimal latency.
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readiness with SpatialCore


Immersive Training

SpatialCore leverages XR technologies for scalable, AI-powered immersive training simulations in various industries, including healthcare, aviation, and manufacturing. With realistic digital twin systems and customizable synthetic environments, immersive training enables users to conduct simulations and undergo virtual training exercises in a controlled setting, allowing users to fail safely.
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Synthetic Simulations

SpatialCore powers synthetic simulations that drives value across various domains and use cases, providing toolsets for synthetic data generation to train autonomous systems, empowering digital twin operations and management, and leveraging AI and procedural workflows for synthetic world building.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Spatial Computing

What is Spatial Computing?

Spatial computing has evolved into a multidisciplinary field that encompasses technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), immersive XR interfaces, and geospatial datasets. These technologies allow users to interact with information in three-dimensional space.

What is Universal Scene Description (USD)?

The Universal Scene Description (USD) file format provides a powerful, open-source framework for the interchange, editing, and composition of 3D scenes. It enables efficient collaboration across teams by supporting complex hierarchies, layering, and non-destructive workflows. USD enhances interoperability between different 3D tools and platforms, ensuring consistent and high-quality visual content creation.

What is SpatialCore?

Brightline Interactives product platform that provides scalable and interoperable spatial computing and AI tools, revolutionizing the convergence of operations, maintenance, training, and autonomous systems.

What industries can SpatialCore be used in?

SpatialCore can be used to solve complex challenges in almost any industry.  Our customers are mostly focused in robotics, defense, enterprise, and government. Please contact us to learn more and consult on how you can use Spatial Core.

How much does SpatialCore cost?

Every customer challenge is unique and Spatial Core is configured specifically for your solution. Pricing can vary based on each individual use case.  Please contact us with details on your requirements and we can provide accurate pricing for your solution.

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